About Us

Department of History was founded in 1998 and actively offers B.A, M.A, and Ph.D. degrees. The Department focuses on the ancient to modern history of the Middle East and the Mediterranean world, and on the early modern and modern history of Asia and Europe. Byzantine, Seljuk, Ottoman, and Republican history of Turkey are major topics of teaching and active research. Both in its undergraduate and graduate programs, the Department emphasizes world-historical and comparative perspectives. The graduate programs provide interdisciplinary and comparative approaches by having teaching staff from other departments such as Law, Sociology, Philosophy, Theology, Economics and so on. Teaching and research interests of the Department’s faculty members cover a wide range of areas, periods and themes, and represent diverse approaches to the study of the past. Five research assistants effectively support the Department and organize conferences and symposiums. The mode of education is Turkish yet the M.A and Ph.D. programs offer variety of English courses.